Soulsby Family Tree

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Some Soulsby Family Pictures through the Generations.
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Bert Soulsby and Gert (nee Mason)
Harry Soulsby in Miltia Uniform
Evelyn and Harry Soulsby Cira 1920
Jacksons' 1907
1898 Wedding Will Hargreaves
Harry Soulsby Scout Donation
Alma Currie nee Jackson
Pheobe Soulsby nee Jackson
Harry Soulsby's Confirmation
Harry, Iris Soulsby Wedding with Gwen Chalmers and Gordon Hando
Four Generations Nana, Harry, Peter Soulsby and Gran Jackson
Nana, Les and Pop Soulsby 1948
Peter Soulsby 20 months
Peter Soulsby n Robyn (nee Bath) wedding 20 Feb 1970
Peter and Yvonne Gadsden nee Soulsby
Four Generations Harry, Nana, Adam Peter and Jamey Soulsby
Jackson Garage Charlton 1920s
Jackson Mail Coach Moligul
Inglewood School 1921
Soulsby Group
Jane Soulsby nee Leisk
Lake Marmal School 1954
Rodney Soulsby 1968
Ronald Keith Soulsby
Jane and Robert Soulsby Headstone
Great Grand father Robert Soulsby
Gran Jackson and Evelyn Soulsby in Charlton
Broken down near Lake Buloke
Jack Fraser and Jean Soulsby Wedding
Ron Soulsby and Bon  Edney Wedding
Bill Hempel and Enda Soulsby Wedding
Ron and Bon 50th Wedding anniversary
James Soulsby and Patrica Mohoney
James with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser
Janet (nee Soulsby), with children Micheal David and Peter Kuilboer
Gert Soulsby nee Mason
Yvonne Gadsden (nee Soulsby), Rodney, Iris (nee Buchanan) and Peter Soulsby 30.03.2003
Alma Curry nee Jackson Marriage Certificate
Henry Jackson Bet Bet Bridge Builder
Jackson's Garage Charlton 1920's
Nana, Les and Pop (George) Soulsby
Train Driver