Soulsby Family Tree

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Chalmers Family

The "Seewell Park" Chalmers

Thomas Main G Chalmers (m) Feb 10th 1878 Elizabeth Chalmers (nee Chalmers)

  1. Archibald
  2. Jessie Victoria Chalmers (m) Archibald Buchanan
  3. Thomas Main
  4. John Bird
  5. Alex Died in WWI 1916.

Archibald and Ethel Littlewood (m)1905

  1. Archie (m) Daphne Thatcher farmed near Moulamein their issue:

  1. Percy (m) Dorothy Brown and farmed near Wakool their issue:


  1. Irene (m) Les Lenon and farmed Moulamein their issue:


  1. Ivy (m) Len McClay, Sheep rice Farmers Wakool their issue:

  1. Ethel (m) James Walsh dairy farmers near Cohuna their issue:

  1. Myrtle Jean (m) Frank Morrison dairy farmers their issue:

  1. Erle (Dick) (m) Dorothy Thatcher cattle rice farmers Moulamein issue: